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Get paid to post on forums

Earn Money Posting in Forums
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Get paid to give advice!

Just found a few cool websites that will pay you to either be an expert or give advice online.  Someone will literally pay you to give answer someone's question or give them advice on a certain topic or subject.  It could be on relationships, their finances, you could offer tech support, losing weight, and many other things.  Everyone is an expert on something.  Maybe you have children and can offer advice on that, or perhaps you have a few dishes that you can prepare on a budget, or you know how to find bargains and can share your knowledge with others.  

The next question is how much will you charge?  It depends upon how much you think your expertise is worth?  Maybe $5, $10, $25, or even $50 or more for your advice.  What a unique and fun way to earn money at home sharing information that will benefit others.  Here are a few companies that you can sign up for to get paid to be an expert or give your advice.


Sign up to be a paid expert and forward calls to your home or cell phone.  Then set your rate of service.  You will only get calls once they have prepaid your rate.  You can even set up when you want to take calls so that you will not have to answer to phone when you are asleep or busy doing other things.  There are no setup fees or anything from Ether with the exception of a 15% commission.  You can also sell your photos, videos, and other content through email once the customer has prepaid or sell content from your website.  They will only be able to view the contents once they pay your rate.

Just Answer

Get paid to be an expert here.  They have over 20 million customers here.  They have flexible hours arranged for you to work at your own schedule.  You will need to have some credentials to get started here.
Any license or certification, OR
  • Alternatively, 2+ years of research-related employment (e.g. librarian, analyst), OR
  • Alternatively, Bachelor’s or higher degree

Get paid to contribute articles and blog posts on topics that you are an expert in and get paid through their revenue sharing program.  You will need to link your Google Adsense account to maximize your earnings.  You can also earn upfront pay for your articles.  

This site is similar to Askables where you can get paid to answer questions online.  Create a link to your Google Adsense account and you will earn revenue for your quality answers.  Sign up today!

For more ways to earn money answering questions and other ways, please go to workersonboard.com.