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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tips to help you pass the Virtualbee Typing Test

If you have been looking for legitimate data entry work from home, you have no doubt probably heard about Virtualbee (formerly known as Keyforcash).  Right now would be a great time for you to apply for this company because tax season is here and there will be plenty of work that will need to be keyed in.

If you have tried to apply for Virtualbee in the past but have encountered a little difficulty in trying to obtain a sufficient score.  Here are a few tips that could possibly help you to get a higher score so that you will be invited to work from home for this company.

  • Use a sturdy keyboard.
  Try to find a keyboard that will be effective in helping you to type faster.  If you have a desktop keyboard, this would be idea because the keys are elevated.  Because the keys have to be pressed down, this will eliminate simple errors that you may make when typing from a laptop or on an ipad or other electronic device.  If you don't have a desktop keyboard, use whatever you have available to you.

  •     Use a desk or sturdy table
This will also enable you to have your fingers and hands in a relaxed position that will help you navigate to and from the different keys on your keyboard.  It will also give a place for your to rest your hands on.

  • Read the instructions carefully
Before you decide to take the test, read all of the instructions.  Take your time completing this step because it will help you to avoid common errors.  If you see something that you can not read, please press enter and skip the snippet.  If the image is completely blank type in a backslash.  This button will be right next to the shift button on your keyboard towards in the lower corner or next to the period button.

  • Do not type in capital letters
Please do not type in any capital letters at all.  You can simply type everything in lower case keys.

  • Practice
Try to practice as much as you can and increase your keystrokes.  The faster you type, the higher your score will be.  You can find various typing exercises for free all over the Internet.

You can also watch this latest video on exactly what the snippets will look like and how you should key them.  You can watch it here.