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Get paid to post on forums

Earn Money Posting in Forums
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Monday, April 8, 2013

How to make easy money with Bubblews!

I found another legitimate writing site that will pay you to write short articles from home.  It literally only takes seconds to sign up for a free account with this company.  You can submit your very first article online without any tests, skills, or requirements on just about any topic or subject that you want.  Your articles need to contain at least 400 characters.  Here is the breakdown of how you will get paid writing on Bubblews.

How you earn money on Bubblews?

  • You will earn money for every view
  • For every comment
  • For every like
  • For every social media share
On each and every single post that you write and on the Bubblews platform.  Bubblews gives you the freedom to speak your mind and get paid for your original content.  Even if you have never written anything before you will feel confident writing on this site because it is easy, fun, and self explanatory.  You can write up to 10 posts or articles in a 24 hour period.  If you want to earn even more money for your content, it is recommended that you write at least 10 posts per day.

Anyone can write from anywhere on this platform.  There is no age limit that is required to write articles on Bubblews.  Whether you live in or outside the United States, Bubblews will pay you for your articles.  They also pay by check, Visa gift card, or Paypal.  You pick which option is most convenient for you.  You may be wondering how much you can earn with Bubblews.  Here is the breakdown of what you can expect to earn on each article that you post here.

How much money you can earn on Bubblews?

  • You will get $1 credited to your account just for signing up
  • You will earn $10 for 1,000 views on each article you post here
  • For 100 likes you will earn $2
  • If you get 500 to 2,000 views per day you will earn an extra $5 up to $20 per day!
Here is a link to one of my articles that you can read here to show you how easy it is to do this!

Remember you can write on any subject or topic here.  The more popular your post is, the more you will earn.  Get started earning extra money from home today on Bubblews for your unique content.  Click here to sign up for Bubblews today!