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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tips on how to write a review for Slicethepie for extra money!

I have talked about Slicethepie before many times on this blog and some of you are probably doing this to earn extra money from home.  For those of you who don't know what it is, Slicethepie is a company that will pay you to listen to music and write a short review on what you just listened to.  They pay out twice a week as long as you have earned $10.  Some people make an extra $300 a month doing this from home.  If you are having difficulty writing a review or coming up with a unique one, this post contains some tips may be helpful to you.

First I want to put a disclaimer out there and tell you that I am not a songwriter, singer, or professional music reviewer but I have earned over $400 from this company doing this in my spare time.  I am a music lover and I like to listen to all sorts of genres of music and that is why I love writing reviews for Slicethepie.  Having said that, I do want to share with you a few tips on how I write reviews for this company and how you can incorporate this same technique or strategy into your reviews as well.  Not only will help you to get a higher ranking, earn more money, get your payout faster, and keep your account active but it will also be beneficial for the artists.  An honest, detailed review will help them to see where they need to make improvement in their lyrics, vocals, or songs in general.

If you like watching such shows as The Voice, American Idol, or The X Factor, you can somewhat mimic their comments and critic of the singers that perform on the show and basically be your own judge.  Picture yourself or put yourself in the mindset of a judge on one of these shows when you are listening to the songs on Slicethepie.  Of course, you will be critiquing the overall song in general but you can get an idea and perspective on how to judge the vocals in the songs on Slicethepie.

Here are some of the elements that make up a song that you will want to consider when you are doing a music review for Slicethepie.

  • Intro - The instrumental section in the beginning of the song.
  • Vocals - The tones or register in the voice.
  • Lyrics - The meaning or words of a song.
  • Pitch - Higher and lower tones and sounds in the vocals.
  • Tempo - Speed or pace of a song.
  • Melody - Sequence of tones that make up a phrase in a song.
  • Harmony- The use of various pitches, tones, or cords.
  • Length - Most commercial songs last around 3-4 minutes long.
  • Hook - A short phrase or passage to make the song appealing.  A good example of this in a song is the one by Destiny's Child "Say My Name".  Other examples are Adele's Rolling in the deep, Carly Ray Jepsen "Call Me Maybe," John Legend "Tonight".  Many great songs have memorable hooks or earworms.

It is important to keep these elements in mind when you are doing a review and mention as many as possible, especially if they stand out to you in each song that you review.  I also recommend that you give your feedback or analysis of the song right away.  As soon as you hear the introduction of the song, you can comment on that and go on to the other features of the song itself.  Was there a part of the song that stood out to you?  Was it memorable?  What was your general feeling of the song?  Would it be something that you would actually listen to?  If so, you could include this in the ending or summary of your review.  If the song reached a peak or climax at some point that caught your attention, mention this as well.  You will definitely want to make good use of adjectives in your review especially when it comes to the vocals, pitch, lyrics, introduction, and for the overall song in general.  Here are some examples that you could use in your review.

Adjectives to describe the Introduction, Vocals, or Pitch

Dynamic      Complex      Engaging     High-pitched      Low-pitched      Loud      Raspy    Weak    Strong 
Beautiful       Blaring         Faint           Screeching         Bad                   Good      Soft        Mute    Noisy
Melodic       Quiet            Shrill           Thundering         Hoarse              Husky     Muffled   Poor    On Key
Off Key

Adjectives to describe the Lyrics

Abrasive     Energetic      Exuberant     Outrageous    Mysterious    Sad    Calming    Bitter    Brave Fierce Courageous   Jolly           Irate              Gutless          Seductive      Zany   Powerful   Glib 

Adjectives to describe the Song in General

Romantic     Old-fashioned     Lovely      Graceful       Average      Dull       Alluring     Busy      Cheerful
Ambitious    Clever                Deep        Common      Different      Wild      Sassy       Somber   Fragile
Innocent       Erratic               Generous   Juicy            Wacky        Hip       Classy       Great      Amazing

Adding these adjectives into your song review will give it more meaning and depth.  It will increase the energy in your reviews which will help you to earn higher bonuses from Slicethepie.  It has been said that the the last words you speak are the most memorable, so keep this in mind when you are writing your last sentence on your review.  Try to be informative and tell the artist if you related to the song, whether it needs improvement, or if it is one of your favorites and why you feel that way.  Here are some additional tips that will help you to write music review for Slicethepie.
  • Make sure you have a quiet environment when you are writing reviews.
  • Start writing your review right away within the first few seconds to keep up your momentum.
  • Put it in your own words.  
  • Describe what the song meant to you or how it made you feel.
  • Try to concentrate on the song.  This can be accomplished by closing your eyes in the introduction of the song or whatever helps you to do so.
  • Take breaks.  If you find yourself losing steam, do something else or just stop and come back to it later on in the day.
  • Don't be afraid to give negative criticism.  If you didn't like the song, lyrics, beat, intro, etc. tell why you didn't like it and what could be done to improve this.
  • Give details.  Was the introduction too slow or was this song a great example of raw talent.  If so, write it down.  This will help you to write a great review!
  • Try to write at least 4 or possibly 5 sentences for each review.

A sample of a positive music review for Slicethepie

The introduction was powerful and alluring and captured my attention right from the beginning.  The lyrics are  inspiring and is something that I could personally relate to in my own experiences.  The vocals were strong and complex and had a impressive range that reached a climax during the melody.  The instruments and the background vocals gave the song a greater depth and appeal.  I loved this song because it was raw, very natural, and beautifully unique.  This is one of the best break-up songs I ever heard.

A sample of a negative music review for Slicethepie

The introduction was too long and dragged on so that I lost interest in the song in general.  The vocals were very pitchy and off key and could have been streamlined and enhanced with the use of background vocalists.     The bass was too heavy for this song and weighed it down quite a bit.  The hook was infectious but overall the song was unmemorable for me.  I would have appreciated it a lot more if it was sung with more passion and meaning. 

These were just some examples of something that you could write or say for your review on Slicethepie.  Remember just to have fun with it and try to give your honest feedback.  The artists are relying upon your individual assessments and need and also value your opinions.  Hopefully this post will be something that you can refer to when you write reviews on Slicethepie.  Try not to over analyze it too much just write your review to the best of your ability and you will do will do just fine.  If you would like to sign up to do this from home, please click here.  All you need is a paypal account and access to a computer.  There are no age restrictions, background checks, or tests to take.  You can start earning money from this company today!  Check it out and remember to have fun with it.